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Susanne Ball's Paintings

The following original acrylic paintings are featured on the products in the Bliss Hawaii Collection. Below, the artist describes what inspired her to create each painting.  Visit Susanne Ball's website to see all of her art.

Swing Time 

"This painting captures the relaxed lifestyle of our Kailua Beach community.  It depicts a surfer girl watching the waves, thinking about the day or the people in the water. There are always outrigger canoe paddlers or swimmers in the water to watch. What a delight to just hang out on the beach and people watch. 'Lucky we live Hawaii!' "


Perfect Day for Paddling

"I painted this piece after attending a party at the most amazing house on Lanikai beach. I fell in love with the people who lived there and we became very close friends. It turns out that the host of the party was Bliss Hawaii founder, Jayne Nhaisi. In this painting I was trying to capture the amazing beauty that some people enjoy right from their lanai!"  


Heliconia Heaven  

"There is something magical about looking at tropical flowers up close with their brilliant oranges, reds and yellows with the amazing tropical blues behind . . . especially when the silhouette of the Mokulua Islands are there with the shallow waters to bring accents.  Such a happy piece, painted on location in Lanikai."


Life is a Breeze 

"This piece was designed especially for a wonderful couple who live on Kailua beach and have spectacular views.  The colors in their home are what inspired this painting.  This was a very happy painting and I was extremely satisfied with the colors in the water.  I am quite sentimental about this piece of art since I had to put its progress on hold for several months."


Hiking in Paradise

"This painting was inspired by my favorite hike on Oahu, with a few artist adjustments to the view. It was commissioned by dear friends of mine. Painted as if I were standing at the top looking down, I wanted to add as much detail as I could from the many times I've captured this view in photographs. The beauty from the top never ceases to amaze me!" 


Lanikai Triptych

"Lanikai Triptych is my latest rendition of our amazing Lanikai Bay and the joy of all the activity we get to do there. My favorite bike leaning on a fence while you jump in the ocean, a blonde surfer girl checking out the surf in the morning light, and a canoe waiting for the group to get there. It is all part of our fantastic beach with the sand, water, coconut trees and the tropical plants. So much great detail that it never gets old to look at this painting. Painted with so much love!"   


Lanikai Sunshine

"This painting was a commission for a lovely family who was moving back to Australia and wanted to have a memory of living here in Hawaii.  It depicts the Mokulua Islands and the incredible beauty that we all enjoy here on Lanikai Beach."


PLEASE NOTE:  All of Susanne Ball's paintings have been registered with the US Copyright Office.  They are protected by federal copyright laws and may not be copied or used without permission from the artist.